We are a local bass fishing club established to promote bass fishing in Washington County and surrounding area. Our goal is to improve the sport through such endeavors as introducing more youth to bass fishing, promote catch and release, and help to improve the quality of fishing in downeast Maine. Watch our Fishing Show on Youtube!

Maine is an angler's paradise, offering some of the best fishing spots in the country. Whether you are looking to catch a trophy-sized rainbow trout or just enjoy a day away from it all, there is something for everyone when it comes to fishing here. From the crystal clear streams of Baxter State Park to the picturesque bays and coves along Maine’s coast, here are some of the most popular places to cast your line when visiting America's Pine Tree State.

The Rangeley Lakes region offers unparalleled beauty and plentiful opportunities for catching fish like brook trout, landlocked salmon and chain pickerel. With dozens of lakes connected by winding rivers, this area is ideal for both fly-fishing and trolling. It is also one of the most popular spots for ice fishing in all of Maine, as the winter months bring plenty of lake trout and smelt.

Down east, anglers will be thrilled by the plentiful cod, haddock and pollack they can catch in the waters along Maine's rugged coastline. Whether you are out on a boat or casting from shore, you are sure to hook some tasty seafood here! For those looking for something a bit different, there is always striped bass in Penobscot Bay and an abundance of mackerel off Acadia National Park's shores.

Those looking to stay inland should try Sebago Lake – home to more than 25 species of fish including landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass and illegally stocked northern pike. This lake is known for its excellent trout fishing and the record-breaking catches that have come from it over the years! In addition, there are many miles of interconnected rivers that offer anglers even more chances at hooking a big one.

No matter what type of fish you're after, Maine has something to offer every angler. From remote brooks in Baxter State Park to the bustling coastline along Acadia National Park, this state is truly a fisherman's paradise. Whether you are looking for an adventure on open seas or a peaceful day spent by a stream in the woods, enjoying all that Maine has to offer is sure to be both unforgettable and rewarding. So grab your rod and reel and get ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Fishing Basics That Anyone Can Use

Fishing has been enjoyed being a necessity and pastime around the globe. Fishing is a fantastic reason to enjoy time enjoying the best thing about nature. You may enjoy fishing alone or with others you like. Keep reading for several simple suggestions to make your trip a lot more fun.

The most important item of equipment inside your tackle box is a sharp hook. The hook is made to keep your fish hooked when you try to catch and reel it in. And replace those that have become dull and worn, check to see you have sharp hooks before every fishing trip.

Many fishermen use light bobbers when fishing during the night. Lighted bobbers can really help you find when fish are biting. Once the bait is touched by way of a fish, you will realize the bobber moving all around.

Before venturing out on your fishing trip, it is recommended to consider the weather report as a safety precaution. Make sure to bring along a radio so you can take care of the weather reports throughout your fishing trip.

If you're losing a lot of fish by making use of your best lure, it is best to look at the hooks that you are currently using. Many fishermen ignore the point that extended utilization of hooks can dull and deform them, rendering it more difficult to land a fish. So, are often losing them, try sharpening your hooks or replacing them, although should you be attracting fish with your lure.

Affect the color of the artificial bait you will be using once in a while. This is especially true once you have been fishing for some time without having a nibble. Fish sometimes are interested more with a brighter bait than the shades they are familiar with, this can assist you to catch one.

Make certain both your hands are extremely wet prior to making one last make an effort to reel within a fish. This keeps the fish's skin from drying out if you handle it. The more you can do to lessen the shock, to some catch and release, the higher it is for that fish.

Finding the proper gear with you when fishing is extremely important. With regards to lures, using a live bait is dependent upon the fish you are hoping to hook. You might should find out a lttle bit about the right bait for the ideal fish.

When you find yourself by using a net to fish, be sure that the fish will likely be striking the net directly. This technique greatly reduces spooking the fish though it may be being caught. It is almost always advisable to stay away from a net unless you are certain it can be necessary. Check with how to get your business in better standing with google and not just the fishes!

Always be sure that you possess the proper fishing license required for wherever you intend to fish. A separate fishing license is require for each state. A fishing license may be buy for 1 day or for annually.

Tend not to waste the fish you've caught. It is actually wrong to throw them, though it could be fun to bring a major basket of fish home. Be sure to use what you can without delay and prepare others properly to use and freeze later. If you consider you caught lots of fish, either release many of them into the water or present to friends. We are happy to help you find real gold in Maine

Don't freak out if you've got a sizable fish hanging from your hook. A huge fish will probably set up a battle, so do not reel it in too quickly or perhaps you risk breaking your rod. Battle and exhaust the fish first, then try luring it in gently.

Know what to anticipate from the weather before fishing. You will probably find that the weather will make it hard to hook anything. Overcast weather is the greatest time for fishing. Naturally, people do catch fish in all kinds of weather, but success is much more likely when clouds cover the sky.

Remember a net so you can catch fish more easily. A net is often times required to secure a very jumpy fish. It will help secure your fish and may lessen the likelihood that your fish ends and slips up in the water instead of in your live well.

Be ready to show patience if you are intending to go fishing. Most people are ready to consider it quits should they don't reel inside a fish after about half an hour, even if this may appear like it's common sense. Fishing is actually a recreational activity which requires time and patience, so make sure you are prepared!

Patience is vital to successful fishing. If fishing is hard for you as you lack patience, it might not end up being the right sport for you personally. Start with short fishing work and trips towards you up to lengthier ones.

In case you are thinking about ideas about how precisely you're going to fish, then you've gained something great from this article. With the much info being available, you could always learn more about fishing in Maine.

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